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Hard times for selling masks

January 2019: The group Anonymous has now joined the ranks of opposition to the new EU Copyright Directive. Their emblem is the Guy Fawkes mask known from the graphic novel and film  “V for Vendetta”.
The mask plays on the story of the failed attempt of the English officer Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators to blow up the House of Lords in 1605.

Screenshot from the website

The group declared that 19 January 2019 would be a new day of protest with demonstrations across Europe. Eight were announced for Poland and 15 more for additional EU states, including two in Germany and one in Oslo, Norway – a non-EU country. Hard times for selling masks weiterlesen

Astroturf instead of grass roots: When clicktivism meets hard reality

Last weekend, several organizations called for a „Day of Action“ with demonstrations throughout Europe against the planned EU Copyright Directive. Among the supporters of the events were the Pirate Party, the Left, the Greens and the network association Load e.V. (FDP).

The website created an overview map of all 27 demonstrations. Although this page, like many other pages of the campaign, has no legal notice or stated privacy policy as required by GDPR it has nonetheless been linked by and others—groups that ordinarily assert an interest in privacy.
In any case the cards weren’t put on the table. Again.

Illustration: with calls and links to the demonstrations.
Operator of this site unknown, data protection notice missing. The WhoIs details lead to WhoIs Guard in Panama.

The „Day of Action“ in Germany

The first event was Mainz on Saturday, August 25, 2018, where prominent members of the Bundestag such as Tabea Rösner (Die Grünen) and Manuel Höferlin (FDP) performed.
Nevertheless, they only spoke in front of about 30 participants.
While the poor attendance at the event in Mainz was notable – it was far from the worst showing of the day for the declared opposition to the copyright directive. Astroturf instead of grass roots: When clicktivism meets hard reality weiterlesen