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France – La Grande Nation when it comes to illegal IPTV

request by the German political party the FDP in the Bundestag in October 2018 shows how important the issue of illegal distribution of TV content via the Internet (IPTV) really is.
Obviously, the FDP based their request on a study carried out by the Vaunet association from August 2018. The association’s study examined the usage behaviour of consumers and tried to quantify the economic damage. According to the study, this amounted to € 700 million for Germany alone.

However, the provider’s view is missing in the analysis. Illegal services are not isolated. They require many intermediaries to function. These intermediaries play an important, if not decisive, role in solving the problem. A key role is played in particular by data centres from which illegal IPTV streams are „sent“ into the world wide web. France – La Grande Nation when it comes to illegal IPTV weiterlesen

How do hosters make money with illegal content

How important are payment providers for the distribution of illegal content?
To answer this question a German report looked at 55 file and videohosters in 2014.
Every hoster had a source of income. 89% published ads and 69% offered the customer pay to use premium services, which normally means faster and unlimited downloads.

The study analyzed 38 hosters with payments in more detail:
The average price was € 8.30 per month or € 54.30 per year.

Top payments methods of the 38 hosters were:

Credit card 29 hosters
Prepaid card 14 hosters
Bank transfer 12 Hosters

Top payment providers were:

VISA 29 hosters
Micropayment 23 hosters
Mastercard 21 Hosters

The consumers often don’t know to whom they pay. The recipients of the payments are often unknown and the hosters often have no (reliable) legal notice.
If you look at the behaviour of the hosters you will know why: Nearly 70 % of the hosters don’t delete illegal files within 48 hours after they receive a take down notice from the copyright owner.

Only one of these hosters acted in accordance to a verdict of the Federal Court and searched illegal files on portals and deleted them.

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