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Großbritannien: Lizenzierte Glücksspielangebote werben weniger auf Piraterieseiten

Nach einem Bericht von Torrent Freak sind Anzeigen von lizensierten Glücksspielangeboten auf Piraterieseiten in den letzten 12 Monaten um 87 % gesunken. Hilfreich war in diesem Zusammenhang auch die Zusammenarbeit mit dem Lizenzgeber, der Gambling Commission.
Detective Superintendent Peter Ratcliffe, Head of the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU), “The success of a strong relationship built between PIPCU and The Gambling Commission can be seen by these figures. This is a fantastic example of a joint working initiative between police and an industry regulator”.

Gambling industry still supporting piracy

According to a German study, 22.3% of all ads on piracy sites in July 2016 were ads for gambling. Gambling ads are normally pop-ups or pop-unders and are more expensive than “normal” ads. So, they account for much more than a quarter of the ad income for piracy sites.
After publishing this study in September 2016, the Gambling companies and their German association were informed of the gambling companies support to piracy sites.

A recent study checked if something had changed between October and December 2016. This research used a “Pro”-registration account on, which shows you the Top 5 of advertising branches, advertising companies and ad networks on most internet sites for free. Gambling industry still supporting piracy weiterlesen

Study: Ads are financing piracy

A recent study of the advertising revenue made by piracy sites shows that the most visited websites for illegal distribution of content in Germany gen-erate an income of 33 million Euros per year through visits by German users.
Most of the advertisements are placed by the Internet gambling industry (22.3 percent), mostly with licenses from Germany (Schleswig-Holstein), Gibraltar or Malta. They are followed by German and international browser game providers (12.1 percent). Advertising of branded companies is rare. Study: Ads are financing piracy weiterlesen