EFF – Silicon Valley corporate front group

Der Journalist Yasha Levine zeigt detailliert die Einseitigkeit der Internet-Lobbyorganisation EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) auf. Staatliche Überwachungs- und Kontrollmaßnahmen gegen Verbrechen, werden aufs Schärfste bekämpft. Die viel weitergehenden Datensammlungen und Analysen der Techfirmen hingegen werden nie problematisiert.

Nachfolgend einige Auszüge aus dem langen aber überaus lesenswerten Text:

„But the truth is that EFF is a corporate front. It is America’s oldest and most influential internet business lobby—an organization that has played a pivotal role in shaping the commercial internet as we know it and, increasingly, hate it. That shitty internet we all inhabit today? That system dominated by giant monopolies, powered by for-profit surveillance and influence, and lacking any democratic oversight? EFF is directly responsible for bringing it into being.”

“Corporations like Google didn’t spy; they “collected data”—they “personalized.”

“Following the event, EFF and its younger, hipper cousins like Fight for the Future were the toast of Silicon Valley. “They helped mobilize the community of technology companies and public interest groups and ensured our collective focus was on informing the legislative process,’’ Alex Fowler, then head of privacy and public policy for the Mozilla Foundation, told the Boston Globe.”

“As such, the SOPA battle was just one more successful application of EFF’s rhetorical public relations strategy: frame any attempt to regulate Silicon Valley power with totalitarianism, all while conflating the interests of regular internet dwellers with the plutocrats who own the internet.”

„It was like watching antiwar protesters marching hand in hand with Lockheed Martin executives to fight Pentagon missile defense.”

“And that brings me back to former EFF staffer April Glaser. In her appeal to EFF and digital advocacy groups to lead the way in regulating corporate surveillance, she admitted that private spying has never been a big issue for this group. “The longtime focus of privacy advocates on government surveillance, not corporate surveillance, is one explanation. That probably has to do with the founding principles behind a lot of internet advocacy, which has its origins in libertarian and anti-regulation philosophies,” she wrote. “As a result, a lot of complaints from privacy advocates over the years have focused on how government surveillance is harmful to our constitutional rights and less on how they might be harmful to our communities.“”

Yasha Levine,  „All EFF’d Up“ unter https://thebaffler.com/salvos/all-effd-up-levine