Germany and Austria: Are registries supporting Cybercrime?

Spamhaus reports on German and Austrian Internet registries helping cybercriminals. Countless cybercrime pages are registered by Denic and Complaints are useless because both organizations say they are not liable. They only delete domain names by court order or if they violate their terms and conditions.
Unlike Austria and Germany, Switzerland and Russia have implemented appropriate mechanisms in their regulation or registrar agreements.

Most of the malicious domain names are registered through a German-based registrar called Key-Systems. Some of the reported domain names have been suspended, but now the registrar seems to be recommending that its customers move the domain name to a different registrar: “What we are now seeing within ccTLD .at is ridiculous: Several registrars, mostly German-based, are moving malicious domain names around between each other. Once you report a malicious domain name to one of these registrars, they will just transfer it to a different registrar.”