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Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart: No ads on illegal sites

WebGuard organized an exemplary legal proceeding about ads on illegal websites. In this case WebGuard focused on sites violating the German youth protection act.
The Higher Regional court of Stuttgart decided that a company has to stop advertising on illegal sites once they are informed.

  • If they don’t stop placing legal ads on illegal sites they would be seen as supporting an illegal business model which would be a vicarious liability.
  • Once they know that their ads are being placed on illegal sites they have to avoid placing ads on this or similar sites.
  • The company is also liable if an agency places the ad.

[OLG Stuttgart, verdict of 14.03.2013, Az.: 2 U 161/12]

In 2008 the Higher Regional Court of Munich gave a similar verdict, but used „Störerhaftung“ as the reason for the liability.

[OLG Munich, verdict of 25.9.2008, Az.: 29U 3629/08]

The first study how sharehosters are used

In March 2013 GfK and OpSec published the first study about the way consumers are using sharehosters (filehoster, one-click-hoster).

The GfK Media Efficiency Panel made it possible to get a detailed overview of the surfing behaviour of Internet users visiting the three sharehosters uploaded, rapidshare and share-online.
These three hosters had more than 7.8 million German users in 2012. 60% of them visited the sharehosters at least twice a year.

OpSec, who checked the links, found out that the 96.5% of these visits were to download of illegal files. More than 50% of all downloads were movies and TV-shows.

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